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Vendor and Third Party Cyber Risk Assessment Software


CyberSCRAM is SC2's premiere cybersecurity product, straight from leading institutions and industry experts. From analyzing holistic systemic risk to providing decision support for vendor management, our cloud-based software helps organizations effectively manage and reduce cyber risk within their supply chains.

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CyberSCRAM's Features

Vendor cybersecurity risk management through systemic assessments

CyberSCRAM goes beyond just providing risk scores of vendors in your ecosystem. We ingest your vendor schematic to give you an overall systemic analysis, proactively detect potential cyber vulnerabilities, provide risk management options, showcase the cost impact of any changes in your supply chain, and much more.

Powerful Dashboard
Active Vendor Intelligence

Everything you need in one place, including automated reports and realtime insights, as often as you want them.

Understand which vendors are risky with our Vendor Mapping, System Analysis, and other features.

Simulator & Timeline
Actionable Recommendations

Forecast how changes in suppliers can improve your cybersecurity and impact your cost. Understand how your risk posture can improve over time.

Easily view which vendors have the highest risk and determine the path to improve your risk posture. Input your constraints and get the most cyber secure vendor configuration within your budget.

Unlock the Power of CyberSCRAM
Helping experts make critical business decisions
OT & IT Teams

CyberSCRAM detects vulnerabilities and potential breaches, helping you minimize impact, preempt downtime, mitigate costs, and increase resilience across critical infrastructure and information systems.

Procurement & Purchasing

CyberSCRAM streamlines vendor assessment, ensures compliance, and provides vendor recommendations & supplier alternatives according to budget, allowing you to forecast the impact of any changes.

CyberSCRAM's proprietary software analyzes your vendors, third party suppliers, and the entire ecosystem of your supply chain to provide risk alerts and mitigation recommendations to key stakeholders.


CyberSCRAM's proactive threat detection mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks and unauthorized access by hackers, reducing potential costs of data breaches & legal ramifications, helping you make informed decisions to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

VSOC Analysts

CyberSCRAM's advanced analytics and automated alerts enable you to quickly detect and respond to security incidents, reducing response times and minimizing the impact of cyberattacks.

Powerful Dashboard and Reporting
Gain visibility of cyber risk in your supply chain

View everything you need to know about your supply chain in one spot. Get unlimited real-time updates and ongoing assessments, delivered whenever you want.

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Comprehensive Vendor Mapping
Know where your risk is coming from

Our vendor mapping helps you see the most vulnerable pieces of your supply chain. Understand your overall systemic score, identify your riskiest vendors, and get actionable recommendations to empower your business decisions.

Privacy & Data Protection
Control your data

Competitors require a list of vendors, which discloses who you are buying from. Our cloud-based service means your uploaded schema stays with you and can be completely internal, running only in your environment, giving you full control of your information.

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