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Third Party Cyber Risk Systemically Analyzed and Remediated

SC2 helps protect your supply chain by identifying, analyzing, and mitigating cyber risks with holistic vendor risk assessment and customized actionable recommendations.

Developed based on research funded by the world's best universities and technology organizations

What We Do

Expose cybersecurity risk in the supply chain and provide remedy options

In an era where supply chains are intricately connected, cybersecurity risks are a significant, ever-evolving threat. We help you understand and action your cyber vulnerability

Go beyond simple vendor scores to see overall aggregated risk across your supply chain

  • View risk across your entire supply chain ecosystem, not just individual vendor risk score

  • Identify cyber threats and probability of breaches for each supplier

  • Use with other cybersecurity platforms, such as Security Scorecard or Upguard.

Improve your supply chain’s cyber resilience with actionable insights

  • Get actionable recommendations or procurement and business decision

  • Forecast supplier changes in our Simulator to understand impact on cybersecurit

  • View supplier alternatives to reduce vendor dependence and diversiy supply chain


Reduce supply chain costs and cyber insurance premiums

  • Find the most cost-effective way of improving your cyber supply chain

  • Increase your compliance score while staying within your budget 

  • Get unlimited assessments, anytime, with real-time updates in vendor cyber risk posture

  • Reduce your cyber insurance premiums by continually monitoring and addressing cyber risk

Understanding the Risk

How cyber secure is your supply chain?

In the automotive industry, cyber threats in the supply chain pose significant business risks, including disruption to manufacturing operations, theft of sensitive data, and compromise of vehicle safety systems.

This could lead to financial losses, erode customer trust, get ahead of what could happen with SC2’s CyberSCRAM.

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of all network intrusions originate from a third- party vendor in the supply chain

Source: KPMG Third Party Risk Management Outlook 2022

$9.4 Million

Average cost of data breach in the U.S.

Source: IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2022


of all organizations experienced at least one significant disruption from a third-party cyber incident in last three years

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022


Average cost of downtime in the automotive industry

Source: The Thomas Report 2022

Active Vendor Risk Intelligence

We track how vendors do in different areas like finances, vulnerability exposures, public disclosures, geopolitical incidents, and much more by actively scraping a wide variety of other data sources.

Comprehensive Compliance Tracking

While our competitors only use web based scanning, we check the entire vendor system, including backend cybersecurity strength. We assess compliance to cybersecurity standards such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0, ISO 21434, CMMC, and more. We also constantly assess and analyze for new standards.

Cost Implication Analysis

After identifying potential threats in your supply chain, we provide you with alternative, cost effective supplier options. Our simulator shows the impact of potential changes on your cost and cybersecurity level.


Provide your ideal cybersecurity rating and we will show you the most cost effective supply chain. Alternatively, provide your budget and we will show you the most optimal suppliers.

Vendor Cybersecurity Management Made Simple

Our powerful dashboard provides individual vendor scores, maps out vendors in your supply chain, and assesses risk of the entire supply chain, exposing the weakest links most vulnerable to cyber threats

How We Stand Out

Providing unprecedented analysis in risk management

Black Kite

Individual risk scores of each vendor

Comprehensive operational risk assessment of supply chain ecosystem by looking at how vendors are interconnected

Scoring and assessment methodology

Web-based scanning and industry data
(only looks at public-facing
internet-connected systems)

Web-based scanning and industry data
(only looks at public-facing
internet-connected systems)

Standards-based systemic assessment
(looks at system architecture
and the supply chain network)

Actionable insights & robust remediation strategy, customized to your specific compliance deficiencies and budget constraints

Ongoing assessment to understand real-time changes in your supply chain, responsive to dynamic environment of vendors

Comprehensive vendor mapping for bird's eye view of supply chain

Supplier diversity recommendations to avoid dependence on a single supplier

Extensive dashboards with holistic risk scores, vendor maps, scenario simulators to see impact of supplier changes, and much more

Detailed cost and supplier recommendations, customized to your budget and risk tolerance

Own your privacy and data

Our Team

Founded by academic and industry experts

Dr. Farooq specializes in Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Networks

Dr. Zhu is an expert in Cybersecurity and Resilience of Complex Systems

Charlie has over 30 years of experience helping to innovate and deliver supply chain solutions across the world.

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Get ready to secure your supply chains and protect your business from cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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